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 located at 1271 McDonald Ave

Prime Stucco Supply carries top brand name EIFS and Stucco Systems for traditional, water drainage, and cement board applications, as well as multiple options for Surfacing and Resurfacing systems. 

Top Systems available:

InsulFlex Standard


Insul-Flex Standard EIFS offer the benefits available in EIFS; energy efficiency, light weight, versatile design, and economical installation. Insul-Flex Standard EIFS utilize adhesive attachment of EPS foam. The system can also be upgraded to use heavier weights of mesh to allow for increased impact resistance. Range of finish and color options provide for nearly unlimited design creativity.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR


Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR is a drainage EIFS for wood-framed light commercial and residential construction. Using many of the same components of our Insul-Flex WaterMaster, the Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR makes use of "Stucco Wrap" to provide the secondary water-resistive barrier and a means of drainage for incidental moisture and is mechanically fastened.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster


Insul-Flex WaterMaster is our best drainage EIFS system. It incorporates vertical ribbons of adhesive to provide an optimal drainage plane. This system makes use of WeatherSeal liquid applied barrier which is both water-resistant and an air barrier. The air barrier takes the already energy efficient EIFS and gives it a boost by limiting air flow while remaining vapor permeable.

Fastwall 100 -Stucco System

Fastwall 100 Assembly.gif

Fastwall 100 is the 1-Coat stucco assembly with a base coat thickness between 3/8 to 1/2 in thick - a durable exterior in less time than traditional stucco. A range of  finishes can be applied over the stucco base with varying levels of warranty coverage dependent on the type of finish selected. Approved Substrate/Backer Boards: OSB, Plywood (EG), Continuous Insulation Boards (CI), and other locally approved wall substrates. Lath: Stucco Wire or Expanded Metal (Local approval may be required)

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