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What is the best Stucco?

The best stucco currently on the market is by far by MP Products, carried at all Stucco Direct locations. It's synthetic, and is applied directly over the EIFS system. Most of the EIFS systems you'll see in Manhattan, NY are topped off with the best stucco from MP. 

Ready to buy the best stucco carried by Stucco Direct?


Visit one of our stores or call 718-360-1390 to schedule a delivery.


Just make sure the EIFS stucco system you choose is ideal for your wall. Many times, the wall has to be carefully prepared before an EIFS system can be installed. After that, you just apply the best stucco you can get, right on top of it. 

Which stucco is used by the best contractors?


The contractors shopping at Stucco Direct know that MP Products Stucco is the best. They tried Parex, Senergy, Sto, but MP is by far the most versatile of all of them. The best commercial stucco contractors use MP Products so it's quite common to see MP Stucco used on residential buildings, purely because of its weather-resistance, ease of application, and versatility. 

What is the best stucco paint?

Once you have the best stucco substrate from MP products, just apply the paint color that fits your project. This stucco can be changed to virtually any color at this point. Just make sure the "mixologists" at your local Stucco and Brick Supply Store in NY mix it well, otherwise the paint might run off after application. Experience matters at this point so choose a supplier that can customize the best stucco substrate for your needs. 

How to ensure your stucco lasts for a long time?

First, get the best stucco you can possibly buy. If you're ever in doubt, just ask local contractors. We have 84 commercial and residential contractors we deliver materials to, and they all prefer stucco from MP Products, carried at all Stucco Direct locations.

Second, make sure you install the proper EIFS, weather protection, and drainage. If done right, the best stucco paint can last almost 10 years. If you live in an area hit by heavy rain, hurricanes, and a lot of snow, make sure you get weather and impact-resistant EIFS system before you apply the stucco. 

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