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MP Stucco EIFS Systems carried by Stucco Direct

Stucco Direct carries 4 EIFS systems manufactured by MP Products that include:

  • MP Strong Wall System - MP Strong Wall system provides strong crack resistant cladding and a secondary air and  weather barrier for moisture control.

  • MP Direct Wall Coat Masonry System - MP Direct Wall Coat System is a cost-effective, economy restoration of a building or home. It achieves a firm stucco look with just Fiberglass Mesh, Basecoat Adhesive & Marble Stucco Finish Coat. Used directly on non-altered Brick, Block, & Masonry.

  • MP Classic EIFS System - Energy-efficient, highly-customizable, light-weight exterior cladding, with drainage channel used to weather-proof, beautify and insulate any structure with moisture sheathing or framing.

  • MP Weather Shield EIFS System - EIFS designed to give all the classic EIFS benefits with the added protection to your framing and sheathing. The most weather-resistant EIFS system on the market.

What stucco is best to apply to MP EIFS Systems? 

Pick up stucco buckets directly at Stucco Direct locations. We trust MP and Senergy stucco to be applied to MP EIFS Systems. 

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